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Over fifty years old? Tired of gym staff who could be your grandchildren trying to give you health and fitness advice? Want to find a way to integrate physical fitness into your life? You’ve come to the right place.

Hi. My name is Alex Nordach, and I’ve been involved in the health and fitness industry for almost four decades now. I was born in 1962, and I started this blog because of all the people I’ve seen out there who are getting older, realizing that they need to change some things in their lives to improve their health…and just not knowing where to start.

Whether you want to feel better, retain (or in some cases, re-develop) physical abilities, or simply get your weight down (or up) to where it should be, the biggest obstacle I see to people changing their habits and getting fit and healthy is that they feel overwhelmed. There is just so much information out there these days. Everywhere you turn there’s a new “best” workout, another fad diet. And a lot of people have the impression that they’ll need to practically live in the gym in order to get fit.

Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Fitness needs to be a part of your lifestyle, but it doesn’t have to take over your life. You don’t have to do much, but you do have to do something.

In this blog I’ll be showing you exactly how I maintain a functional, virtually disease-free body. I started the blog by filming the workouts I did every day at age 49 and taking you along for the ride. If you want a model to follow, these videos will provide one. If you already work out and just want some new ideas, maybe you’ll find some here. When my baby was born I had to give up my gym membership and started working out at home. I have a few basic pieces of equipment, but mostly I work out using my own bodyweight and some commonly available playground equipment in my neighborhood. None of the videos exceed 15 minutes in length, and that’s including the short explanations and tips I give. So the workouts are generally less than 15 minutes long.

That’s right. Less than 15 minutes a day, most days, will get you a body that is both healthy and functional (and probably stronger than most of the people around you). All you have to do is follow along. I’ll also be talking about nutrition and healthy eating, since that’s a big part of the equation as well. But don’t worry; nothing I do is spartan or looks anything like a traditional “diet”. I eat healthy food most of the time, so when I want to have a pizza or ice cream, I don’t worry about it (and it doesn’t impact my body).

Of course, everyone starts out with different initial levels of fitness and ability, and different dietary needs. If you can’t do some of the exercises that I do, don’t worry. Just do something that hits that part of the body. For example, if you can’t do a regular push-up, do them from your knees to begin with. If you can’t do a pull-up, jump up so that your chin is over the bar and just hold yourself for a few seconds. You’ll get stronger.

The idea is to do just enough work to tax your body a little bit and force it to adapt a little bit. As the great Lee Haney put it, “Stimulate, don’t annihilate.”

Similarly, if you don’t like some of the foods you see here, don’t worry about it. There are plenty of substitutes available, and you’ll undoubtedly like some of them. Once you get into the habit of exercise and eating right, you’ll start to have fun. And once you see your body start to change, look better and get stronger, you won’t lack for motivation, guaranteed! All that you need to do is get started, and I’ve made it as easy as possible on this blog. If you’ve tried and failed in the past to get fit, give it another shot. You’ll be glad you did.

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